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The Truth About PageSpeed For SEO
Have you heard someone say that having a slow loading website is hurting your SEO?‍ Learn the truth about Page Speed and how it really affects your rankings.
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Make Play, Pause, and Stop Buttons for Your Embedded YouTube Video
Example Included
Learn how to make custom play, pause, and stop video controls for your YouTube videos on your website.
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6 Advanced Google My Business Hacks
Local SEO
Awesome hacks to get the most out of your Google My Business listing. 6 tips to take advantage of your Google profile.
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15 Worst Website Headline Examples
Some of the most overused website headlines that we need to stop using. We've seen them hundreds of times, and it needs to stop.
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Super Effective Law Firm Homepage Examples
Get inspiration for designing your law firm's website. Some of the best examples of attorney websites that are great for generating leads.
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