How to Add Title Tags and Meta Descriptions to Collection Pages in Webflow

Karr Fager
January 16, 2020
About the Author
Karr Fager is the digital marketer and owner at Digital Red Panther, a web design and SEO company that offers sleek digital marketing services for small businesses.

Adding title tags and meta descriptions to “regular” pages is simple enough. 

However, what if you have a blog set up through Collections, and you want to add meta tags?

Let’s get into it!

Step 1: Add Fields to Your Collection Pages

To do this, simply go to your Blog Posts Collections settings.

cms collections settings

Click “Add New Field”.

blog post settings in webflow

Select “Plain text”, and label the new field “Title Tag”.

add plain text field in webflow

Add another “Plain text” field and label it “Meta Description”.

Step 2: Make Meta Tags Dynamically Pull from Collections

Go to your Blog Posts Template settings.

blog post template settings

Click “Add Field” for the title tag and select “Title Tag" from the dropdown.

seo settings for blog posts

Do the same for meta description except select “Meta Description” from the dropdown.

Step 3: Adding Your Custom Title Tags and Meta Descriptions on Blog Posts

Go to “Collections” and select “Blog Posts”.

blog post in webflow

Click on an article and scroll down to the bottom.

blog post in webflow

You can now add a title tag and meta description, which will automatically pull into the blog posts code.