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Website Marketing Services

Most Local business Websites Bring in too Few Leads
Turn your sub-par local service website into your best salesman by building trust with your customers through great design so that you can enjoy your website.
4.9 / 5 Stars
Certified SEO
Webflow Exclusive

Are you a local business owner with 500k+ in revenue and want to improve your website?

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What does a successful website mean to you?

More Time.

Spend less time fumbling around your website's backend and more time on your business.

Grow your business.

Your website can become a tool to help you attract customers and gain more business.

Worry Less.

No more stressing out about your website. Just enjoy it.

Differentiate Your Website From the Crowd

Digital Red Panther offers three services that will make your company stand out in your industry.

Past Projects

Check out some recent projects I've completed for my clients.
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Basement Water Controlled

Upgraded a waterproofing company's website with new strategy, design, and development.

Web Design

Web Development


Collaborated with Malomo to create tracking pages for their clients' website products.

Web Development

Mobile Responsive

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Helped the Skedda team develop a new website to spotlight their highly-rated venue booking software.

Webflow Development

96/100 Page Speed Score

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Built a fresh splash page in Webflow to capture emails for early access to Cascade's analytical software.

Web Development

Figma.logoCreated using Figma

Figma Implementation

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Created landing pages and other marketing material to capture emails for early access to email security software.

Web Design

Web Development

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Social Sport

Developed in Webflow a new website for a social sports competition organization.

Webflow Development

Zeplin Collaboration

Join These Happy Customers in Website Success

"Karr is a very skilled Webflow developer and completed my job quickly and under budget. If you need a Webflow wizard then he is your man! You won't be disappointed."
Anthony Killeen
@Killeen International
"Karr has completed the project as expected, showed great communication and availability, very attentive to details. This is my second project with him, and I would recommend him to others."
Natalia Mezokh
"I took my first step by contacting Karr on this the day of , and I never looked back."
@Your Business
Quick Page Speed

Get rid of your slow website

I use a platform with top-tier hosting capabilities, which means your customers won't have to sit and wait for your pages to load, and search engines will love it, too!
Save Money in the Future

Stop Paying Developers for Small Updates

Every time you have to hire a designer, it's another check out of your pocket. By building your website in Webflow, you will be able to easily update the content of your website quickly and without pain.
Minnesota Digital Marketing Services

Take control of your online success today

Your website plays a crucial role in your business' success. It can act as a salesman, attract leads, build a community, and advertise your brand as the go-to place in your industry.

No matter your website's history, you control its future.
It takes 2 minutes.
No Contracts
I'm confident you'll enjoy your website, so there's no need to lock you into a long-term contract.
Custom Websites
I build custom websites from scratch that enhance your brand.
Easy to Use CMS
You can easily add blogs, portfolio items, employees and other content through a custom CMS.
100% Ownership
You maintain complete control and ownership of your website always.
Fastest Servers
All websites that I build are hosted on the fastest servers out there. No slow websites.
Content Editor
You will be able to easily make content updates after the site is published.
5-Star Service
I answer the phone and email back quickly. You will be in the loop always.
A Little Bit of Fun
Website projects don't have to be a hassle. We can enjoy it!
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Start your journey to website Success

Take the first step in website success and freedom by contacting me. You are not committing to anything by contacting me, and we will work through what the best decision is for you and your company together.
Or just call 651-285-9823.
Karr Fager - owner
Digital Red Panther

A Different kind of website Company

I would not be in business if my goal was simply to be and act like everybody else.

My goal is to provide excellent customer service and high quality product, and most importantly, bring value to your life and business.
See the story.

Recent Articles + Guides

I frequently share my favorite tips and tricks about marketing, web design and SEO on my blog.
Featured in:
My Guarantee...

A Quick Letter to Motivated Business Owners

My websites are designed to...
With that being said, marketing is not a perfect science. Because of this, I do not guarantee results.
Here is what I CAN guarantee you...
Websites are never published until you are 100% happy with it. In fact, if you are not happy, you don't even have to pay. You can walk away.
Karr Fager
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help my business?
I can help create a website that enables your customers to interact with your business in new ways.

This can lead to improved conversion rates, more customers through your door, and less frustration dealing with your website.
Are you transparent in your work?
Yes, I make it an absolute priority to make sure that you know exactly what is happening at all stages of the project.
How much do you charge for web design and SEO?
Prices vary by project and depend on the scope of work. Websites will generally range from $2,500 - $10,000, and monthly SEO work ranges from $1,000 - $3,000.
Do I need to purchase both web design and SEO?
No. Web design and search engine optimization services are purchased separate from each other. Web design is a one time flat fee, whereas SEO services are month-to-month.
How long does it take to have a website built?
Website builds can take anywhere from three weeks to three months. Generally, websites are started and completed within 4-8 weeks.
What types of businesses do you serve?
I specialize in startups and local businesses, including but not limited to law firms, dentists, roofers, contractors, plumbers, HVAC, and real estate.
Do you offer long term or short term contracts?
I only offer short term contracts, which is great news for you. New website builds are one time flat fees, and SEO services are month to month. You can drop out at any time, but I think you'll want to stay :)
What platforms do you build on?
I build websites in Webflow. Its tools are far greater than any other platform on the internet, and it's incredibly powerful.
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