Digital Red Panther

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July 2010
Created my first website
Yeah, it’s the ugliest thing you've ever seen, I know. Can you blame me? I was 13.
January 2016
Started learning SEO
I built a website called Fitness Hideout where I wrote about fitness tips and tricks and gave my opinions about the best products to buy.
April 2018
Started my first job out of college
I was an SEO Specialist at FindLaw, part of Thomson Reuters. Learned SO, so much about web design, SEO, and marketing in general from incredible minds in the industry.
August 2018
Designed first website from scratch
I used WordPress and the Divi theme to design and develop my first full website. I was so excited when I learned you could build websites without coding!
April 2019
Digital Red Panther was born
A new era had begun in my life. I was (and still am) incredibly excited to be able to have control over the design, development, and marketing decisions for my clients.
October 2019
Introduced to Webflow
Whoa. Good-bye WordPress, hello awesome websites.
October 2019
Went full-time
It was time to say good-bye to the agency setting and start a new chapter in my life. I made it official and haven’t looked back.
2021 + Beyond
A new home
I soon hope to find an office to move into and to bring on a few team members. I look forward to what the future has in store for Digital Red Panther, and I’d love you to be a part of it.