About Digital Red Panther

A Digital Marketing Company in Apple Valley, MN

Why the Name "Digital Red Panther"?

Panthers are sleek, agile, and competitive.

These are three traits I try to instill in every website that I touch.
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My Background as a Digital Marketer

I have experience working as a digital marketer at FindLaw, one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the United States providing digital marketing services for small to mid-sized businesses.
My specialty is helping small to mid-sized local businesses drive and convert traffic through websites. This is done through creative design, technical SEO, and a high quality user experience.
I take pride in the fact that clients can trust me. I make myself available through phone, email, texting, and even Facebook or LinkedIn. I also make myself available to meet in-person if the situation calls for it.
“If there is one message you can take to the bank, it is that I care about your small business. More importantly, I care about the people who run the business.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that your business is your baby. That’s why I put the uttermost care into every website I create.

With my experience and motivated attitude, what you’ll get from me is a determined and resourceful web designer and digital marketer. I want to build for you a great website, and I think your customers will agree.”
Karr Fager
Digital Marketer, Owner
I grew up in Oak Grove, MN where I spent my younger years playing sports, making videos, and hanging out with friends.

I got into website building around the age of 13, building websites for myself, and have been hooked since then.

I graduated from the University of Northwestern in St. Paul with a Bachelor’s degree in Business.

I swiftly took a job as a Digital Marketer at FindLaw, part of Thomson Reuters, where I worked alongside some of the best and brightest in the industry.

After learning and experiencing a great deal of online marketing at FindLaw, I decided to branch off on my own to fulfill my dream of owning my own business and help small businesses in need.