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Webflow Web Design Specialist Minnesota

Get a professionally designed Webflow website for your Minnesota small business.

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Upgrade Your Website to Webflow

If you are a Minnesota small business looking to upgrade your website to Webflow, Digital Red Panther is here to help get the job done right.

Webflow is the main CMS platform that I use on a daily basis. Even this website is built in Webflow!
Fast Loading Websites
Webflow websites are built on Amazon Cloudfront servers and have clean code so that they can run smoothly and load quickly for users.
100% Design Customization
All Webflow designs start from scratch, so if you want it, you go it.
Easy to Use CMS
Once the website is complete, the reins are handed over to you, and I'll give you a quick tutorial on how to use the Content Management System if you want to add content in the future.

3 Benefits of Webflow Web Design in Minnesota

Webflow allows businesses to build a foundation for their website's long-term success. The CMS platform gives you tools to build fast, highly customizable websites.

As a Webflow pro, I'm here to design and develop your Webflow website, or migrate your existing website over to Webflow.

Webflow Web Design FAQ's

What are the benefits of Webflow over another platform?
Webflow websites are generally much more powerful than other websites built on other platforms, and you have more design control with Webflow.
Is Webflow more expensive than other platforms?
Webflow does not cost extra to actually build a website on. There are lots of factors that go into play, but generally you will spend a similar amount on Webflow as you would on other platforms.
Are you an experienced Webflow designer?
Yes! Webflow is the main platform I use to build websites. I have the experience and expertise to handle most any website build on Webflow.
How much do Webflow websites cost?
If you hire a designer to build a Webflow website, you will generally spend anywhere from $1,500 - 10,000.

You can see my pricing here.
Will I be able to edit my Webflow website once its complete?
Yes! I will even give you a tutorial on how to use the Webflow Content Management System if you'd like.

Website Pricing

Web Design and Development
$200 per page
Custom WordPress or Webflow Design
Mobile Responsive
1 Hour Brainstorming Session
Social Sharing
Basic SEO
Google Pagespeed Testing
Content Management System Set Up
301 Page Redirects
Analytics Set Up
1 Hour Tutorial
(ex. A 10-page website would cost $3000)