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I make the process as easy as possible for you, because I understand that you have a business to run.

If you were to contact me today, we could get started by tomorrow morning. Seriously.
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1. Contact Me

The first step is simply to contact me. You can do so by filling out the lead form or by giving me a call.
STep 1

2. Figure Out a Plan and Budget

Next, we figure out a plan that fits your business' needs. This will determine how much time and effort gets devoted to your site.
STep 2

3. SEO Work Starts

Next, the work gets started on your website. This can happen immediately after we finish planning.
Step 3

SEO Case Study

Miss Perfect Pitch
This piano teacher's website was hacked and left for dead. After taking over control, here's what happened:
  • Website Redesigned
  • Content Updated
  • Google My Business Claimed and Optimized
  • Analytics Tracking Set Up
  • Migrated to Webflow
The website and Google My Business listing have brought in over 20 students in three years, helping her fill her schedule to max capacity.

Included With SEO Services

SEO services can entail lots of different elements. Digital Red Panther's SEO services include a mix of technical and user experience tactics.

Customer Dashboard

You get to see exactly what is happening with the statistics of your website in real-time. The dashboard is set up with access to Google Analytics, Search Console, and Google My Business.
seo customer dashboard

Content Production

Most SEO products will include content writing. We may go in and update your current content or simply polish it up.
seo content writing services

Local SEO

If you are a local business, it's important to tell search engines and Google that you service locally. We can do this through the content, code, and local profiles.
local seo service
Backend cleanup

Technical SEO

Some SEO happens behind the scenes and isn't necessarily noticeable to users, but it's seen by Google.
technical seo services

Advanced SEO Elements

SEO is not always glamorous, but the little technical parts can make a big difference.
301 Redirects
301 Redirects
Redirects help make sure that users don't end up on non-existing pages.
Internal Linking
Internal Linking
Links help users flow through your website, and they pass off authority to other pages.
Website Architecture
Website Architecture
A clear hierarchy helps users find what they're looking for and tells Google which pages are most important.
SEO Code Injection
SEO Code Injection
Schema markup and alt tags can be added to tell Google more info about your page.

Lead Gen SEO

The whole point of SEO is to generate a return on investment, right?

So your website should be built to generate leads. This includes generating traffic, but it also means converting that traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What results should I expect?
You can expect to see an increase in search traffic from Google. That search traffic is targeted to convert into paying customers for you.
When should I expect to see results?
As mentioned before, SEO is not a perfect science. Some campaigns take off quicker than others, and Google has the final say. But you have my word that I will do everything in my power to put your website in front of customers.

With that being said, we may see smaller results within the first 60 days and more significant results around the 6 month mark.

*Newer businesses may see slower growth to begin, but sooner or later, growth will happen.
Why are you different than other SEO companies?
First, I do not lock you into a long-term contract. All agreements are month-to-month, and you can drop out at any time.

Second, I do my very best to keep you in the loop at all stages. I've been in the agency setting before, and I want to make sure you know where your money is going and how it is affecting your business.
Do I need to be involved?
For the most part, I will take care of everything on my end. However, SEO projects tend to have more success when the business owner makes him/herself available for feedback.

I may need to reach out to get more info on your business, since you know more about your business than anyone.

If you would like to be more involved in the creation of content, you are more than welcome to chime in whenever and however much you please.
How long do I need to do SEO?
SEO is a continual process; it is not a one time flip of a switch. Google's algorithm is always shifting and content needs to be kept up-to-date.

There are always SEO improvements we can make to your website, and any improvements we do make tend to stack on top of each other.
Do you do paid advertising?
I do not.